Ojas Vitality Kit


For a Strong Immune System

The Ojas Vitality kit combines our most powerful products to strengthen your immune system against cold viruses like influence, corona and contagious diseases in general. These formulas provide synergistic combinations of herbal powders, herbal extracts, foods and a Himalayan mineral asphalt called shilajit, to strengthen all of the body’s systemic functions, improve blood purity and strengthen digestion. In Ayurveda, this vital energy is called Ojas as it sustains the body’s seven tissues (dhatus), the heart and increases energy and endurance. Start powering up now!

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Each Discounted Kit includes:

1. Prana Enhance: “ The Super Body Tonic
Product info

Quantity: 2 bottles
*Recommendations: 2 capsules taken 3 x’s per day with food for 15 days, then reduce to 2 capsules are taken twice per day with food for 30 days.

2. Yogi ChaiA Medicinal Blend”
Product info

Quantity: 1 bag
*Recommendations: 1 teaspoon with your favorite hot milk, froth and enjoy with 1 teaspoon of honey.

3. Maha Rishi Jam “For Vitality, Immunity, and Longevity”
Product info

Quantity: 1 jar
*Recommendations: Take 1 teaspoon per day in the morning while enjoying your cup of chai before breakfast.

4. Tri-Dosha Body Oil (Classic Dhanvantaram Oil)
Product info

Quantity: One 7 oz bottle
*Recommendations: Warm the oil and massage on the entire body before taking a warm steamy shower. Perform daily in the morning for two weeks if possible to increase immunity or at least 3-4xs per week.

5. Optimum Yoga DVD DVD Strength & Balance with Mas Vidal – included free with the Ojas Vitality Kit

Quantity: 1 DVD
*Recommendations: Practice in the morning before breakfast or in the late afternoon before dinner.

Total value: $138.40

Save on all our kits with a discounted price: $124.56


Note: Product servings and recommendations for the Ojas Vitality kit are focused on increasing immunity, strength and overall vitality. The serving suggestions will differ from the suggestions mentioned for each product. In other words, the suggestions we are giving for these kits are focused on what the kit is intending to support and may differ from what is noted on the package. Other considerations include adapting quantity according to your dosha constitution (prakriti), imbalance (vikriti), body weight, age, etc…

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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