Shanti Vana (Incense)


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Incense has been an iconic image of Indian – Yoga culture for millenniums and its aromas have been used to purify the energy (akasha) of any area. Its used primary to remove impurities so to increase receptivity of subtle astral energies.

Shanti Vana comes in six delightful aromas and each is imbued with a special quality of devotion that transforms your home into sacred space to enhance your yoga practice and meditation. You can feel the vibration of Yogananda the moment you light the stick. Each scent has its particular benefits for balancing the Ayurvedic doshas.

Gardenia – Good for pitta, cooling and soothing.
Nag Champa – Tri-doshic but how’s a special effect on Vata.
Sandalwood – Balances pitta mostly but is also considered Tridoshic.
Jasmine – Grounding, calming, good for Vata dosha types.
Frankincense & Myrrh – Warming and increases mental stability for vata and also kapha.
Rose – Cooling and sweet and invokes the bhakti (love & devotion) and enhances the teacher and student relationship.

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