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These six spices add remarkable flavor to any food, plus they are considered to be some of the most medicinal spices.

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12-ounce glass jar.

These six spices provide remarkable flavor to any food, from soups, stir-fry’s lentils, or vegetable dishes. They are considered to be some of the most medicinal spices of Ayurveda as they enhance metabolism, improve skin clarity, detox the body, fight cancer, reduce diabetes, and improve blood quality and circulation. Cooking with these spices promotes practicing preventative medicine and will increase the nutritional value of your entire diet. These spices are used for cooking the famous Indian dish called Kichari, which is a common diet prepared for detoxing the body and increasing immunity.


Ideally, it is best to saute the spices with your choice of ghee. As the spices sizzle, the seeds begin to pop, releasing the medicinal volatile oils contained inside. This process only takes a few minutes and then the spices can be added to whatever foods you are cooking.

Organic cumin seeds, organic cumin powder, organic coriander seeds, organic coriander powder, organic turmeric powder, organic fennel seeds, organic mustard seeds, organic ginger powder.

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